Broad Street Soccer is dedicated to bringing you the most authentic, in-depth soccer analysis with a bit of a unique twist. Professionalism and being politically correct are not very high up on our priority list, and with that said, you can expect our honest opinion on the latest news, matches, rumors, etc.

If by now you have made the assumption that Broad Street Soccer is based out of the Philadelphia area, then you have assumed correctly. With that said, you are probably now assuming that we are a very opinionated group. Again, you are correct. To go along with that, by no means are all of our opinions 100% true. We are more than open to feedback, good or bad, along with your own opinions. As a matter of fact, we love to hear from readers.

At the end of the day, we’re just a few lads that love talking about the beautiful game.


In-depth soccer analysis the Philly way.

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